54 : Convergence : My Last Post!!

What has Project 54 Taught Me?

Despite how challenging I found Project 54 to be at times, it really taught me a lot and I appreciate all of the lessons I’ve learned from it.

First of all, I’ve found that we all have a little Volkswagen in us.
We can all relate to the brand in some way or another.

I feel like I relate to brand in all three aspects of their values.

Everyday motoring pleasure : I’m a happy person and I love to smile, laugh, and be around people that share that positivity. A day without a smile/laughter is an incomplete day in my book, and there must’ve been a chance for those positive emotions that was overlooked.

Innovative design : in terms of design, I love to be a bit different. Jeans and a t-shirt doesn’t usually work for me ; it’s not expressive enough. Also, as I got up this morning and looked around my room, I realized it’s full of innovative design.

My bed here at VCU didn’t come with a headboard, which looked a little off to me, so I made my own – with washi tape! I also used washi tape to make an inspiration board above my desk.



Enduring value : everyone wants to do something that makes them remembered, whether by millions or by one.

Another lesson that this has taught me is that it’s okay to fail. True failure only comes through not trying.

It’s also taught me to take Scott’s advice – have the same confidence that I have in my unique outfits, in my ideas ; and everything else I do for that matter. I can’t let my fear of how others will respond hold me back from expressing myself and my ideas.

So, I’d like to thank Scott and Gary for this challenging adventure and for this dose of reality and self-exploration that they like to call Project 54!


53 : Convergence : My Little People

I work at an elementary school, where I’m constantly working with a first grade class and a second grade class helping students learn to read and improve the reading abilities that they already possess, while also being open to the position of a mentor to any of the students who may need someone to look up to or talk to.

From working on Project 54 and dealing with Volkswagen’s values, I’ve realized that I’m always going to have a lasting impact on these kids and them on me [enduring value].

Reading is a skill that they’re going to need for their rest of their lives and that will help them become successful.

I also have children who are only fluent in Spanish. I feel like these children rely on me even more than those who are just struggling readers.

An important thing that I try to remember while working with these kids is that they don’t always come from the best home situations. They don’t always have a positive role model at home who can show them a positive path and motivate them to do positive things.

I hope that by being open and available to be a mentor and positive influence to these kids, I can at least affect one of them in a positive way for the rest of their life.

I also know that these children have affected my life forever. I now have a new appreciation for elementary school teachers, but I’m also being taken back to my elementary school days. I’m thinking back to friendship and what it meant then and how it’s changed now. I see how differently we perceive knowledge and learning when we’re children and when we’re adults. I also realize how much of a difference your foundation and how you’re raised can affect your childhood, which will in turn affect your adulthood.

When I have children, I will take all of the lessons that I’m learning from these students with me to raise my own children with the best possible knowledge and foundation.

52 : Convergence : Family! đŸ˜

I love my family!
They mean the world to me, so I’m going to introduce them to the world.

We’ll start with my mom’s side.
My mom is one of my grandma’s eleven children (three boys and eight girls).
There’s a total of about twenty something grandchildren, and most of us think of each other as brothers and sisters. Us female cousins get together quite often to go out to eat, talk, and just spend time together. And the male cousins, well we don’t really know what they do, but they’re pretty close too.

My family always puts a smile on face. We’re together through thick and thin, and even when things turn bad they don’t stay that way long.

We’re a family that loves being together. We love knowing that we can depend on each other and that if anything happens, we have a support system right behind us ready to catch us if we fall [everyday motoring pleasure].

Now, my dad’s family.
His family is a little more complicated.

My dad along with four other children (one girl and three boys) were all adopted and grew up together in Columbus, Ohio.
Even though they weren’t related, they’ve always thought of each other as brothers and sister [innovative design].

Even now, though two out of the five of them have found their biological families, they don’t let it change how they view their relationship ; they will always be brothers and sister [enduring value].

I love when I go to Ohio and stay at my Aunt Kandy’s house. She’ll invite her biological family over and always makes sure that everyone treats each other like we’re all related – because in a way, we are.
She never lets anyone disrespect anyone else or make them feel out of place or subpar.

I love all of these facts about my family and I wouldn’t change them for the world!

51 : Real Stories, Real Strangers : Backpacking Through Brazil

Ever been backpacking through Brazil?

John* has and says that it was an amazing experience. He went during the World Cup and says that the positivity and excitement that it bought made the experience even better.

The natives were happy and excited to see them, talk to them, and help them despite any language barriers.

This one event brought these people together and brought a completely different energy to the environment. I believe other things besides events like the World Cup can have that affect.

The Volkswagen Kombi, for example, is car that I feel like has that affect.

Its a car that is unique and full of personality. It’s bright colors, fun shape, and party-ready size can change the energy of the environment its in, just like the World Cup did when John was backpacking through Brazil [innovative design, everyday motoring pleasure].

* indicates a name change.

50 : Borrow Designs : Clothes

I love clothes and shopping!

But there aren’t many places to put clothes in cars.

I’ve met people who have clothes and shoes in their cars (especially their trunks) for whatever reason. Some of them like always having extra clothes with them, and some like the idea of having an option to change their outfit if needed. But whatever the reason, sometimes clothes just end up in your car.

Wouldn’t it be great if cars were more clothing friendly? I know they have the little hooks for you to hang up two or three things, but sometimes you need more room than that.

And personally, I hate a messy car (or trunk), so what if cars were designed with an entire system that can be available when needed so that the clothes and shoes that end up in your car could be organized [innovative design].

48 : Predict the Future : Future of VW

So, we watched this video in class and seeing a Beetle as a UFO and having a directive that tells us to think about the future, led me to think about all of the features I could see Volkswagen coming up with for their drivers to help them have an even better driving experience [innovative design, everyday motoring pleasure].

Here’s some ideas that I came up with:

  1. Autopilot
  2. Built-in voice activated GPs
  3. Automatic traffic alerts
  4. Verbal notification of low fuel
  5. Self-reliant (fixes itself, changes own oil, etc.)